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Harry Resin has been in the cannabis business for the last seventeen years. He started off working with the coffee-shops in Amsterdam supplying them with high quality cannabis flowers. Soon after he moved into hash production as more and more medical users turned to cannabis as a form of medicine and required a stronger product then the flowers. After three years of growing and making hash he started a medical cannabis seed company called Delta-9 Labs. He was a partner in the seed company for six years overseeing the creation of many different strains used by medical patients all over the world. At the same time he began writing for various different cannabis magazines such as High Times, Skunk, and Weed World. He also wrote regularly for a prestigious cannabis medical journal. In this capacity he covered many topics ranging from the effects of Anandamide (a known neurotransmitter created by THC) on the mind to topics ranging from the medical cannabis situation in The Netherlands and breeding for medical potency to state some examples. After leaving Delta-9 Labs he started another seed company called The Harvestman and won several different global cannabis awards including the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. He has also been a ‘Celebrity judge’ for several different cannabis cup events around the world. Currently he is on the masthead of High Times as a contributor and has a column on their website.

Over the last seventeen years he has consistently grown top quality cannabis which was used by various coffee shops and medical patients in Amsterdam and has become one of the Europe’s leading experts on the subject of medicinal cannabis . In addition, he hasworked as an advisor to many coffee-shops helping them with their supply chain and strain selections as well as being an advisor to Trek Uw Plant, a cannabis social club in Belgium, where he hashelped them with their medical cannabis program.

Harry is also the founder of URB a vertically integrated mobile dispensary in the Bay Area. He is also a founding partner in the genetics company CGI (the Cannabis genetics institute) with Nico Escondido the chief Cannabis officer of High Times.

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